ARPEX ART high performance couplings consist of pure expertise together with the greatest possible power density. They are used in all high-speed drive systems that require torque transfer where shaft displacement is occurring simultaneously. With ARPEX ART there is nothing left to be desired in terms of both bore capacity and safety: Their compact design allows for compensation of all of the expected displacements in a very small space and, at the same time, the highest possible torque capacity, the lowest possible weight and a very good center of gravity.

The double cardan functional principle of the ARPEX ART enables very high radial offsets, even under great loads. With thin, individual discs, the reaction forces that occur with shaft displacements remain relatively low. The discs of the ART high performance coupling consist of high-alloyed stainless spring steel, and all of the other coupling components are made of high quality, heat-treated steel.
One strength of the ARPEX ART is the achievable balance quality. This is the result of very high processing quality, extremely low production tolerances and high precision assembly processes.
ART high performance couplings are available in four types up to a torque of 588,500 Nm and can be precisely calculated and designed for any requirement.

  • Generators
  • Turbocompressors
  • Gas turbines
  • Steam turbines