FLENDER GKG Cardan Coupling

FLENDER GKG cardan couplings are elastic, double-jointed output couplings used to compensate for primary suspension misalignments in the bogie with full torque transmission between the gear unit and the powered wheel set shaft. They permit very large shaft displacements and allow major misalignments between the axle and the gear unit while generating only very slight reaction forces.

FLENDER GKG coupling parts can be individually installed on the gear unit and wheel set shaft. The coupling parts come with pre-installed self-calibrated spherical bearings with protected rubber elements. These have a long service life of up to one million kilometers of vehicle travel. By screwing the brackets onto the spherical bearing pins, the coupling can be installed simply using standard tools. The spacer automatically centers itself.

  • Streetcars

  • Locomotives

  • High-speed trains