N-EUPEX pin coupling

Due to their torsional flexibility N-EUPEX couplings offer the possibility of moving critical torsional vibrations from the operating area of the mechanical equipment in such a way that no negative effects on the drive train are to be expected. N-EUPEX couplings are made of high-quality cast iron. The flexible elements made of synthetic rubber (buna N) are available in different degrees of hardness for many applications. Metal pins and flexible elements are so designed that no wear occurs when properly fitted.



The motor torque is transmitted to the hub at the drive end via the shaft-hub connection, which is mostly designed as a keyway connection. The torque is transmitted to the hub on the output side with the aid of elastomer flexibles. The hub on the output side further transmits the torque to the driven machine or a gear unit placed in between. Because of the primarily compressionloaded elastomer flexibles, the coupling has a progressive torsional stiffness.

Widely used in the whole field of mechanical engineering, as high-speed coupling on the motor side (e. g. pump, fan or compressor drives) as well as high-torque couplings for the connection of gear unit and driven machine (e. g. mills).