VacuGiant VG-90E - swivel design up to 15T

Vacugiant For Heavy Sheets up to 40 T: Product Material Handling Fezer Vacuum lifters

The VacuGiants are Fezer's heavy-duty lifters. They stand for highest capacities, hardest working conditions and the most stable design.  Their sturdiness in connection with their simple control ensure efficient and economic working processes with highest operational safety. All manually controlled vacuum lifters are equipped with the unique "main switch supervision". Fezer sets new standards when it comes to safety on vacuum lifters.

For swivelling heavy plates FEZER offers the VacuGiant VG-90E. With their powerful gear motors loads of up to 2500 kg with lengths of more than 15m and width of up to 3m can be swivelled effortlessly. The loads can be moved steplessly and stopped at any position. By the sturdy design and high functionality swivel times of up to 30 s can be achieved. This guarantees a rational and economic process combined with highest safety standards for many applications:

  • Commissioning of plates
  • Aeronautics
  • Shipbuilding and shipyards
  • Lorry superstructures