VacuBoyMini VBM - the Lightweight up to 500 kg

Vacuboy For Dense Plates up to 2000kg: Product Material Handling Fezer Vacuum lifters

These FEZER lifters are suitable for horizontal transport, swivelling or turning over plate materials of all kinds. The vacuum lifters stand for absolutely gentle handling, efficient and ergonomical working processes with highest operational safety. For that reason all manually operated lifters are equipped with the unique "main switch supervision", which sets new standards when it comes to the safety of vacuum lifters.

The Vacuum lifter VacuBoyMini is suitable for handling dense plates with dimensions or up to 2.000 x 1.000 mm and drums and containers with weights of up to 300 kg. Its compact design and low own weight allows to use this lifter very flexibly and makes it easy to operate. The VacuBoyMini is available in different designs with single suction pad or attachments with several suction pads. Additionally the lifter can be equipped with a quick-change coupling which allows to exchange the attachments and suction pads at will.

  • Feeding of CNC machinery
  • Handling of drums and crates
  • Handling of glass and window elements
  • Handling of small and formed parts