Tube Lifter Vacuquicklift for Univ.loads up to 35kg

The new Vacuum Tube lifter VacuQuicklift combines many advantages. With just one operating handle all the functions engagement, lifting, lowering, and release can be controlled.

By its unique „Quick-Release-System“ the Tube lifter VacuQuicklift lifts automatically when release and does not have to be tilted. This makes the Tube lifter incredibly quick and guarantees shortest cycle times.

Ideal, if boxes, containers, or crates have to be commissioned or re-stacked.

The Tube lifter VacuQuicklift is available in two basic designs. The first one is for strictly horizontal applications, the second one with a swivel feature that allows to manually tip over workpieces. In both cases the VacuQuicklift is only controlled with one control handle, which makes the operation very simple and ergonomical.

With the free hand the loads can be brought into the target position. Thus the VacuQuicklift not only makes the daily work easier, it also increases the safety and ergonomy at the workplace.

  • Commissioning, stacking of boxes
  • Handling of canisters, containers and small drums
  • Handling of baggage
  • Handling of sacks