L-708/L-708LD Bore Lasers

Straight-Line Laser Systems: Hamar Laser On-site Machine Tools Product

Designed specifically for those applications where it is hard to mount a bore laser externally, such as stern tube bearings, the L-708 offers the ability to be inserted directly into a bore for very fast, high-accuracy bore alignments. With high resolution, the capability to measure a wide range of bore diameters, and our patented A-514 self-centering bore adapters, the L-708 is the best choice for hard-to-fixture bore alignment applications.


The L-708 also offers a variety of target options, including self-centering, see-through, 2-axis and 4-axis targets, hand-held readouts, and Windows®-based software to display and analyze alignment data. The system handles a wide variety of bore alignment applications, including: bore straightness checks for cylinders and large gun barrels, engine-block crankshaft bore alignment, and stern tube bearing bore alignment. If your specific application isn’t listed, call us and we will work with you to solve your unique alignment problems.

  • The L-708 Bore Laser System
  • Fast Setup And Even Faster Measurements
  • High Resolution And Accuracy
  • Patented Self-Centering Target & Adapters – The Key To The System
  • Live Alignment Data Saves Even More Time
  • Simple Readouts
  • Powerful New Bore Alignment Software For Most Bore Applications
  • Measure Bore Angle In Seconds
  • Long Range And High-Resolution Angular Adjustments
  • Wireless Data Downloading And Transfer


Compressor Bore Alignment

The L-708, combined with the L-111 Laser Stand and L-102 Laser-Beam Translator, are mounted outside of the compressor bore and our special version of the A-514 Self-Centering Bore adapter is used on the top and bottom 60 degrees of the “cut away” bores on the compressor to align the laser to the near and far bores. The target/adapter are then moved to the cross-head and other components to check and align the bores. With care, accuracies of 0.0005" (0.01 mm) can be achieved. The alignment is up to 50% faster and two times more accurate than tight wire methods.

Engine Cam/Crankshaft Bore Alignment

The L-708 Bore Alignment Laser System has provided several automotive and diesel-engine manufacturers with a fast, reliable method of measuring the crankshaft bore for both straightness. The laser system has proven to decrease inspection times significantly and virtually eliminated dedicated, expensive gauging. The laser and target are adaptable to most crankshaft bore applications.

The L-708 and A-514 Self-Centering Bore Adapter are mounted inside the first reference bore of the engine block. The A-512 Target and second A-514 Adapter are mounted in the far reference bore and connected to the R-1307 Readout. The laser angle is adjusted until it reads zero. Now the laser is “bucked-in” (aligned to the references) and the A-512/A-514 is moved to internal bores for ultra-fast and accurate alignment checks. Setup time takes about 10-15 minutes and the entire alignment check can easily be done in less than 30 minutes.

Our Bore9 software documents the bore alignment, offering a step-by-step guide through the process, bore-to-bore and overall alignment tolerances and a report that shows if the bores are in or out of alignment.

Stern Tube Alignment

The L-708 is also ideal for measuring the straightness of stern-tube bearing bores in marine applications. The laser can be used with two references: a) from the outside of the ship using the A-514 Self-Centering Bore adapter to mount it in either the aft strut bore or the aft stern tube bore, and then aligned to the forward stern tube bearing (or intermediate shaft bearing) and then shooting into the gearbox, or b) fixtured onto the gearbox shaft, aligned to the rotation axis and the laser is shot down into the stern tube. If the L-708 is combined with our T-261A 4-Axis Target and aligned to the stern tube bearings, it can calculate the shaft rotation axis alignment to the stern tube in four axes simultaneously, minimizing the number of moves during the final engine alignment!