On-site machine/Welding Service

We own a range of specialized portable machines / tools / Jigs with specially trained Machinist / Welder to perform 24/7 to meet the market demand; the jobs performed will meet your stringent toler- ance levels.

1. Portable Boring
Machine is capable to bore up to 2 metre in diameter include taper boring; typical application includes Oil-rigs, Jack case, Marine Stern-tube and boring the worn out bores.

2. Flange Facing
Standard OD and ID mount Flange Facer to mill up to 6 metre flange, include flange of Wind Mill Tower, Heat Exchanger, Valve body include machining O ring and RTJ grooving, special design facer enable to be used in the enclosed environment and meeting the safety requirements.

3. Portable Milling
Liner Mill and Gantry Mill equip with big milling cutter to remove big stock of material, the rigidity bed plus strong spindle and track will perform to meet your requirements.

4. Valve Repairing and Testing
On-site valve repairing, include Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Ball Valve and testing system are available.
Skilled Service Engineers will perform the task to meet the certifica- tion standards.

5. Bore weld and Cladding
To perform on-site bore weld and cladding of the valve seat/nozzle, able to weld/clad all type of material include Inconel.

6. Laser Alignment , Flatness, Square-ness, Shaft and Bore
Skilled Engineers with the right software on hand to perform the tasks to meet your needs.