Scissor Lift Tables - Lorry Loader

EdmoLift's Lorry Loader is developed to be used on loading platforms for the loading and unloading of vehicles.

The Lorry Loader evens out the difference in level between the vehicle and the permanent loading platform. The Lorry Loader is designed and equipped to handle the great stresses that result when lorries and other vehicles pass over it.

The standard model of Lorry Loader is equipped with: 8 mm tear plate platform, Mechanical stops in the base frame reinforcement in the lift table which allows for a wheel pressure of 2 metric tons driving over it while in the closed position. Reinforcement that can withstand up to 6 metric tons of wheel pressure is available. Included as standard.

The lift tables are available in different colours, with a range of different accessories or control units - all tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer. Even more functionality can be achieved with the addition of various accessories.

A few examples of these are the remote hydraulic unit, upper limit position, loading flap, self-supporting base frame, rollback stop, inspection cover, guard rails and gates.