Armlift's unique patented function offers an ergonomic work place with ample foot space, comfortable working positions and unrivalled accessibility. Armlift is the perfect choice for almost all work places that handle goods and components on pallets, in baskets or containers.

Loads are lifted with parallel arms that can also tilt the load in a single mechanism making Armlift an economical alternative to conventional tables which require separate lift and tilt mechanisms. Because the Armlift tilts down it is especially suited for use with high pallets, oversized baskets and containers.

The ALT U, UE and GB models have a U shaped lift table with a lowest point of just 6 mm which means they can lift pallets, containers and trolleys direct from the floor.

With a variety of applications and models as well as a load capacity of between 750-3000 kilos, we can offer a large and flexible range.

The lift table is manufactured with ready to-use holes for the assembly of slide protection. The size of the lift table can be customized to suit the individual needs of the customer.

Improves productivity and reduces work injuries by eliminating work situations where you are forced to stretch, bend and twist. Stretching for components on a pallet or in a container is time-consuming and creates the risk of back injuries among operatives.

Armlift loaded with pallets and containers filled with parts, make life easier and safer while increasing productivity. Loaded pallets on the Armlift are lifted to the desired working height and tilted to the required working angle. As the level of the pallet changes the height and working angel can be adjusted to maintain a constant comfortable working position.

At EdmoLift you can find solutions for all your lifting problems.