Assurich - GBC partnership announcement

SINGAPORE, 28 November 2016 …. 


Assurich Industries Pte Ltd, Singapore (Assurich) and G.B.C. Industrial Tools S.p.a., Italy (GBC) are proud to proclaim a strategic collaboration in South East Asia that expands business latitude to provide one-stop solution for customers. The partners will conjointly unveil plans to deliver state-of-the art pipe cutting and bevelling solutions, riding on Assurich’s extensive market presence in S.E. Asia, and GBC’s globally recognised product innovation and excellent product quality.


The management of Assurich and GBC are excited about this new established collaboration and are committed to make the partnership a great success.

“Connecting the superior tools of GBC with Assurich’s versatility and outreach into S.E. Asia will enable customers regionally to uncover new ways to produce great work that ultimately drives their businesses forward,” said Mr Philip Seah, CEO of Assurich. “Our collaboration with GBC is our commitment to provide our customers with one-stop solution and to empower them with increased productivity and drive performance.”

On this new alliance, Mr Marco Volpi, Sales and Marketing Manager of GBC, has this to share, “We are excited about our partnership with Assurich as both GBC and Assurich share the same philosophy and believe in providing one-stop quality solutions to the same target markets. Being established in the same era, we have been through similar global exposure and technological advancement. We trust Assurich would make a good and ideal partner, sharing common objectives, global experience and technical knowhow. We certainly look forward to a successful and enduring partnership with Assurich in years to come.”

About Assurich

Assurich Industries Pte Ltd is a one-stop equipment distributor and solution provider for oil & gas, marine, and fabrication sectors, specialising in On-Site Machine Tools, Engine Rebuilding Technology, Material Handling, Pumps and Valves for over 30 years. 

The diverse range of equipment includes lathes, surfacing machines, boring equipment, and pipe cutting and bevelling machines.
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About GBC 


GBC Industrial Tools has an established name globally since 1981 in the field of bevelling, pipe cutting, and plate cutting for our commitment in product quality and novelty.

Our products of bevellers, pipe cutters, millers, flange facing machines are known throughout the various industrial sectors, such as aerospace, construction, oil and gas, marine, mining and shipping, just to name a few. All these are made possible by Mr Bruno Giottoli, founder and industrial connoisseur with over 40 years of intensive experience and knowhow.

The hub of the GBC is at Cazzago San Martino, where both business activities and manufacturing of our state-of-art components and cutting edge products are being housed under one roof. Our sales network is well accomplished by extensive distribution with large conglomerate clienteles situated in every corner of the world.

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