Our Managements


Our Management Team

Philip Seah

Graduate from Nanyang University. Steered the company for 32 years,
Growing from 1 in 1983 to 8 regional
Contries in and expanding still

Adrian Lim
General Manager (Sales)

12 yrs service and takes care of S'pore, Batam and Vietnam operations, Bring a wealth of sales and Management experience

Thia Pink Pink:
Sales support manager

21 yrs service in company and is backbone of all sales support activities regionallly. a dedicated manager with a customer first attidude.

Finance Manager

18yrs service managing Finance & HR Dept

Edmund Thia
Sales Manager

8yrs service wtih sale responsibility for S'pore, Malaysia & Thailand market

Lai Anh Nga

7yrs sales, admin & marketing support across Vietnam

Leonard Effendi
General Manager (Sales) - Indonesia

1 year service, wealth of sales and industry knowledge in Oil & Gas and Mining

Anthony Nayagam
Sales & Marketing Director

Graduate from NSW Uni
30 yrs sales/marketing expericence.

Rabiul Islam Khan Techincal/Application Manager

15 yrs technical/svs support to team. Now in to R&D and application support to sales team

Mani Manikandan,

Service Manager

7 yrs providing Service support to team

Derek Ng,
Asst. Sales Manager

 7 yrs service and responsible for Singapore and Myanmar sales market coverage